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Indian Institute of Astrophysics,
II Block, Koramangala,
Bengaluru-560034, INDIA
email: piyali DOT chatterjee AT iiap DOT res DOT in
Profiles: Google Scholar , LinkedIn , Researchgate


Mar, 2022: Of solar spicules, paint jets, and ... alligator mating rituals. Press release material

Mar, 2016: Simulations show for the first time how a simple yet realistic initial condition can produce the twisted magnetic fields of the solar flares. See VIEWPOINT article by Prof. Axel Brandenburg.
Aug, 2013: For the first time we model cannibalistic homologous CMEs in a 3D MHD simulation of emerging coronal flux ropes.
Nov, 2010: Observe symmetry breaking and non-zero helicity in a hydromagnetic simulation of magnetic buoyancy instability without rotation.
Dec, 2008: We provide an explanation for solar torsional oscillations preceding the sunspot cycle using a flux transport solar dynamo model which accounts for Alfven waves.
Dec, 2006: Predict a weak solar cycle 24 using a flux transport dynamo model.